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West Meon Parish Council

Gardening Club

West Meon Parish Council Gardening Club

The West Meon Garden Club covers the West Meon, Warnford and Woodlands area and is open to all who have an interest in gardening.  For more details contact the club chairperson Clare Swinstead on 01730 829059 or e-mail.

For details of current and future activities please see the programme of events for 2020 below.

Garden Club News – December 2019

On a dreary, wet November evening Susanna Jarrett abandoned her pop-up "Flowers By The Bridge" stall to brighten our eyes and mood with a masterful demonstration of how to make an eco-friendly Christmas wreath.  Gone was the ubiquitous but polluting Oasis floral foam and replaced with sphagnum moss as the base for the wreath, although apparently any moss would do.  After we were shown the basic techniques Susanna warned us that to finish the wreath would mean another hour or more’s work so, as on a typical TV cookery show, she  produced one she had made earlier.  Truly magnificent!

We also watched with increasing admiration and incredulity as Susanna worked her creative magic to assemble a seasonal bouquet, interweaving foliage and flowers of different lengths, colours and textures, all the while giving us an entertaining commentary and using only two hands while most of us would surely need three or even four to ensure we didn’t drop or crush it.  She then presented it as a raffle prize and later one lucky winner proudly carried it home as the rest of the members looked on with envy. 

Her final creation made use of a retro vase with a pin holder base to entrap the stalks of  tall amaryllis blooms and towering Cornus fronds amongst other foliage.  Another stunning creation, with red berries dropped into the vase to cover up the “pins”.

We learned so much but I fear some of us may require considerable practice before we achieve the same creative flair and deft and dexterous fingers that Susanna showed us.

The Garden Club is now going into hibernation until March but do check out our  programme for 2020.

Photographs from the 2019 Summer Show (courtesy of Edwin Grimshaw)

West Meon Parish Council Gardening Club